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Regardez comment ce père de famille a fabriqué sa propre piscine

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How one Swiss family transformed their backyard is just unbelievable. And the best part is that this was a do-it-yourself project, with almost all of the VonBubenberg family pitching in.

A member of the VonBubenberg family shared over 50 photos of their project with, and I’ve selected my favorites from the album to highlight the work that went into this incredible project.

VonBubenberg writes, “This was a part of our backyard back in march 2011.”

“My dad planned to build a swimming pond by himself and my sister and I helped him to do so.”

“View from the roof of our conservatory.”

“Finally, the excavator showed up!”

“Here you can see the water conduit for the “fountain”. The conduits are all leading into the garage where the filter system will be.”

“My little sister helping like a pro.”

“Here you can see how we placed the felt onto the whole future pond.”

“On top of the felt, we put 1 huge plastic foil. My father ordered all materials like felt and plastic foils in germany. There is actually quiet a community around those DIY ponders.”

“This is the filter system for circulating the water from the pond through those barrels.”

“I remember that day… We had to fill the pond with those heavy-ass rocks. We were 5 men and worked around 8 hours to build the walls of the pond etc.. We were tired to death by sunset.”

“First filling with water.”

“Two built in spotlights.”

“And then it was already winter. My dad ice skating.”

“Our brave cat.”

“Time to start with the patio.”

“First part of the patio finished.”

“The little ‘fountain’.”

“The trestle for the rest of the patio.”

“Still a bit to go…”

“Finally finished! It was summer 2012 and we could start to enjoy our selfmade swimming pond!”

What’s amazing is that the father of this family works in IT, while VonBubenberg is a business student! Such a beautiful construction for a regular family to plan and execute.

These photos were published on with permission from VonBubenberg.

If you like the swimming pond that VonBubenberg and his family built in their backyard, share it with your friends!

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