Streets of Algiers - Journal3


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Streets of Algiers

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It's not often that I'm THIS enthusiastic about the places that I visit, but Algiers in no ordinary place. This turned out to be one of my favorite cities I've visited. Like, ever. At a glance, much of Algiers is almost a mirror image of its former colonizer, France, which sits just across the Mediterranean. Visually, it is defined by Parisian-style buildings, almost all of which are colored white. However, in spite of its surreal visual similarities with France, it only takes about 10 seconds of walking the streets of Algiers to realize that it is a world all its own. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Most people know little to nothing about Algiers, so I'm going to kick this off by giving you some context for the articles that are to follow. Here's an index of what you're about to read. You can click on each item to zoom down through the article to wherever you'd like to start reading.

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